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Walter Guderian, past CECA President and Founder of Delta Elevator passed away yesterday……

Walter Guderian, past CECA President and Founder of Delta Elevator, a friend to Baywood Interior Millwork

and personal lifelong friend and mentor to Baywood owner John D. Lassel passed away yesterday.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Delta’s employees, and Walter’s family at this most difficult time.

Some history of Walter from CECA is below:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Guderian family (including CECA’s current President, Doug Guderian) and Walter’s friends and family at Delta Elevator during this time. 
Walter Guderian passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family late in the evening on September 2, 2019 at the age of 83. Walter was born in Germany on April 6 1936 as the 3rd son in a family of 9. He came to Kitchener, Canada with his family in 1956 where he met the love of his life, Evelyn. They married on June 25, 1960 and had 3 children: Angie, Doug and Marcel.
Walter had apprenticed with an elevator company in Germany and soon found work in the elevator industry in Canada. In 1967, Walter founded Delta Elevator and with the help of his wife and children grew Delta to become a large company that is well known across the country.
When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago, Walter was confronted with his mortality. He had always been interested in philosophical and spiritual discussions but now he felt strongly that he needed to decide where he was spending eternity. He reaffirmed his faith in God and was at peace with his eternal destination and wanting those he loved to be there with him when their time came.
Walter enjoyed being busy with projects large and small: from gardens to building houses, starting with the family home on Bridge St, Waterloo, to later, their dream home near Washington, Ontario.
He loved spending time with his family, including his 6 grandchildren: Rachel, Daley, Bianca, Sierra, Amber and Marina.
He enjoyed sailing, and travelling, including to their island cottage on Georgian Bay and their Florida home on Sanibel Island.
Walter was always generous with his money, time and advice. He enjoyed meeting new people and he always made an impression and most of them became friends. He will be greatly missed.
We will share funeral details once that information is available


Catharine Bothwell, CECA Executive Director

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