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COVID-19 and the steps Baywood Interior Millwork is taking

COVID-19 and the steps Baywood Interior Millwork is taking.

The COVID-19 issue remains critical and is changing day by day.

We continue to monitor the situation to develop the best

contingency plan for Baywood’s employees, customers, and suppliers.

In that regard, here is what we are currently doing:

Personal Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Hand washing remains the best defence against contracting the disease.
  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Follow “Social Distancing” protocols.
  • Use the proper PPE.
  • Avoid physical contact and gathering in groups.
  • Reduce in-person meetings with both internal and external people.
  • Prop doors open to avoid having to touch handles.
  • Monitor your own status in terms of symptoms.

If you experience symptoms or if you believe you have been exposed,

begin the self-isolation process, seek testing, and communicate your status.

Out-of-Country Travel

We are following the travel restrictions put in place by the Federal Government.

For those returning from an out-of-country travel, please follow the  self-isolation

 guidelines in place at the time of your return.

Hours of Work

Overtime is restricted in an effort to maintain good personal health

and to minimize prolonged exposure to others in a tired state.

Field Operations

We continue to work at jobs and sites that remain open.


We remain operational.


We remain operational.

Ongoing Communication

We continue to use email to communicate,

as well as updates to the Baywood Facebook page and website.

We will continue to have employee meetings as required to keep everyone informed

We have posted in our plant and office CDC information bulletins regarding the virus

We have provided all employees with hand sanitizers for their personal off workplace use

Coverage for Absences

Our goal is to continue with normal operations as long

as possible by falling back on previous cross-training.

Please continue to monitor news feeds for up-the-minute status reports.

There is significant misinformation being communicated, and the best remedy

 for this is to ensure your source is proven and reliable.

See links below for government website updates

As always, it is important to use common sense in all situations and to avoid

putting oneself or others into danger.

Our priority is to keep employees healthy so that we can keep our customers’ schedules on track

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