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Baywood Elevator Cab Interiors
Custom Cab Panels made to order

As with any construction project, time is of the essence 
and you need suppliers that can get it done on budget, 
and on time

Let Baywood supply your custom elevator cab panels
with any laminate, on various cores, including cores that are
fire rated, LEED, and FSC compliant

Whether your panels are a plastic laminate slab panel, or with
stainless steel reveals, utilizing our specialized CNC equipment
Baywood can get the job done

Options like .5mm, 2mm and 3mm PVC edges that match the face
laminate colour are all possible making the panels even more 
durable and atheistic looking

All Baywood needs from you is the laminate manufacturer name,
product/colour code and finish, what type and thickness of core, 
and any required reveals, or hole cutouts required

Baywood’s engineering department can provide you with shop
drawings for review prior to our manufacturing process

Baywood can manufacture, crate and ship your custom cab
elevator panels anywhere throughout Canada


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